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DEIL-Loft Commerce Introduces Price Protection Service for Customer Satisfaction

DEIL-Loft Commerce is proud to announce the introduction of its Price Protection service, designed to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure a seamless shopping experience on the DEIL website (www.deil-loft.com) and Trade Show iOT APP. Price protection enables customers to request a refund for the price difference if the same product undergoes a price reduction (excluding payment method discounts) after their purchase. The following policies outline the details of this service: 


1. Service Introduction: 

Price protection allows customers to apply for a refund of the price difference if a product's price decreases after their purchase on the DEIL website or Trade Show iOT APP. DEIL will refund the equivalent amount or balance as per the policies outlined below. 


2. Categories of Goods Supporting Price Protection: 

Price protection applies to a wide range of product categories available on the DEIL platform, ensuring that customers can enjoy this service across various product offerings. 


3. Price Protection Period: 

The price protection period extends for a specified duration after the customer's purchase, providing them with the opportunity to benefit from any subsequent price reductions. 


4. Application Method of Price Protection: 

Customers can easily submit an application for price protection through the designated process on the DEIL website or Trade Show iOT APP, ensuring a hassle-free experience. 


5. Refund of the Price Difference: 

Upon approval of the price protection application, DEIL will promptly refund the customer the amount equivalent to the price difference, ensuring fair and transparent transactions. 


6. Price Protection Scenarios Not Supported: 

Certain scenarios, such as discounts applied through payment methods, are not eligible for price protection, ensuring clarity on the scope of this service.  

DEIL-Loft Commerce is committed to providing exceptional customer service and value through initiatives like Price Protection, further enhancing the shopping experience for our valued customers. 

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