Structure and Size of DEIL Group Organization.

  • 11 January, 2022
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Structure and Size of DEIL Group Organization.

DEIL Group Incorporation, registered as DEIL Group Company Limited, is a globally renowned conglomerate with a strong presence in various countries around the world. The company owns multiple subsidiary companies across diverse industries, including Ecommerce, financial commerce, transportation, trading, mineral exploration, technology, shipping, and logistics. DEIL Group firmly believes in the power of diversity and has strategically invested in both small and large organizations to foster a development-oriented society.


DEIL Group operates as a fully registered company, and its ownership structure is based on shares. With a global reach, the company's subsidiaries are spread across numerous countries, including China, the USA, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Australia, the United Kingdom, Barbados, Finland, and more. Each subsidiary operates independently under the umbrella of DEIL Group, contributing to the overall growth and success of the organization.

The listed companies under DEIL Group's portfolio are engaged in diverse sectors, showcasing the conglomerate's commitment to a broad spectrum of businesses. The Ecommerce sector forms a significant part of DEIL Group's operations, leveraging technology to drive growth and connectivity. Additionally, the conglomerate has a strong presence in financial commerce, transportation, trading, mineral exploration, technology, shipping, and logistics industries. This diversified approach enables DEIL Group to tap into various markets and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


DEIL Group's primary branch is located in Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria. With a strategic focus on Ecommerce driven by cutting-edge technology, DEIL Group has developed a revolutionary platform called Trade Show iOT. This platform utilizes advanced blockchain technology to connect the global market onto a unified platform, facilitating seamless trade and commerce. By leveraging this innovative approach, DEIL Group positions itself as a leader in the industry, enabling businesses and individuals worldwide to benefit from enhanced connectivity and market access.

To support its operations and maintain its technological infrastructure, DEIL Group employs approximately 400 full-time employees. These highly skilled professionals work diligently behind the scenes, employing their expertise in computing, coding, and programming. Their efforts ensure the smooth functioning of DEIL Group's operations, creating a robust and efficient ecosystem for its subsidiaries and customers.


DEIL Group's commitment to excellence, innovation, and global connectivity sets it apart as a leading player in the business landscape. Through its ownership of diverse subsidiaries across multiple countries, DEIL Group demonstrates its dedication to fostering a development-oriented society. The company's focus on Ecommerce, driven by advanced technology and blockchain integration, positions it at the forefront of global trade and commerce. With a strong workforce of 400 skilled professionals, DEIL Group continues to drive growth and success, providing enhanced opportunities for businesses and individuals worldwide.

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