Yuanxin Electric Tech Co., Ltd.: A Verified Merchant on DEIL-Loft Commerce

Yuanxin Electric Tech Co., Ltd.: A Verified Merchant on DEIL-Loft Commerce

Yuanxin Electric Tech Co., Ltd., headquartered in Zhongyuntai Tech Park, Shenzhen, is a renowned high-tech and software R&D company in the field of electrical and electronics industries. With a strong focus on design, development, production, distribution, installation, and service, the company offers a wide range of advanced frequency inverter equipment and solutions. These include normal frequency inverters and vector-controlled frequency inverters, with six series and over a hundred types.

What sets Yuanxin Electric Tech Co., Ltd. apart is its exceptional R&D team, which boasts extensive experience in electrical engineering, garnered from over a decade of in-depth study and research. The team is also well-versed in production and quality management, further enhancing the company's capabilities. Additionally, the company has fostered longstanding business relationships with a diverse distribution network, resulting in a decade of satisfied customers. This has established the brand as one of the most reputable frequency inverter providers in China and Southeast Asia.

The R&D team at Yuanxin Electric Tech Co., Ltd. is driven by the future demands of automatic control, guided by market trends. Their primary objective is to enhance customer value by delivering highly efficient, reliable, customized, and environmentally friendly solutions that adhere to industrial standards. As a testament to their success, Yuanxin Frequency inverters have been widely deployed in various industries, including oil, petrochemistry, plastics, fiber and cable, printing, municipalities, and machine tools.

At Yuanxin Electric Tech Co., Ltd., we adhere to a people-oriented approach and strive for technological advancement, honesty, innovation, stability, and development. We are committed to working diligently and intelligently to protect the environment. Our unwavering dedication is evident in the reliable quality and sincere service we provide to satisfy our esteemed customers.

Furthermore, Yuanxin Electric Tech Co., Ltd. is proud to be affiliated with DEIL Business Developer, a reputable company specializing in expanding foreign markets for various end-users. This partnership allows us to further extend our reach and provide our high-quality products and services to a wider audience.

As a verified merchant on DEIL-Loft Commerce, Yuanxin Electric Tech Co., Ltd. continues to uphold its reputation as a trusted provider of frequency inverter solutions. With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we are poised to meet the evolving needs of the industry and deliver innovative solutions that drive progress and efficiency.

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