The 28th China Hardware Fair, YongKang, P. R.. China

  • 17 September, 2023
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In the dynamic world of commerce, staying ahead of the competition necessitates innovative solutions. DEIL-Loft Commerce, a renowned technology company, was recently invited by the prestigious EACHAM Group to attend the 28th China Hardware Fair in YongKang, China. Their participation in this esteemed event not only demonstrated their commitment to fostering business opportunities but also introduced their groundbreaking mobile application, "Trade Show iOT." This article delves into DEIL-Loft Commerce's presence at the fair and how their mobile application aims to revolutionize the way companies connect and thrive in the Chinese market.

Expanding Business Horizons:

The 28th China Hardware Fair, held in YongKang City, Zhejiang Province, P. R. China, served as a prominent platform for Chinese and foreign companies seeking to expand their business horizons. Recognizing the significance of this event, DEIL-Loft Commerce, invited by the EACHAM Group, seized the opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge technology. By attending the fair, the company aimed to establish valuable connections with Chinese companies while simultaneously introducing their innovative mobile application, "Trade Show iOT."

Introducing "Trade Show iOT":

"Trade Show iOT" is a powerful mobile application developed by DEIL-Loft Commerce that aims to streamline the trade show experience for both exhibitors and attendees. This groundbreaking application leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to provide real-time information and enhanced networking capabilities. Through this application, exhibitors can list their companies, products, and services, allowing attendees to easily access comprehensive information about each participant at the China Hardware Fair.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities:

DEIL-Loft Commerce's "Trade Show iOT" application revolutionizes the way companies connect at trade shows. Attendees can search for specific companies or browse through various categories to discover new and potential business partners. The application provides detailed profiles of each company, including their products, contact information, and booth location. This comprehensive approach fosters efficient networking by enabling attendees to identify and connect with relevant companies, maximizing the potential for fruitful collaborations.

Empowering Chinese Companies:

DEIL-Loft Commerce's commitment to the Chinese market is evident through their dedication to listing all Chinese companies in the "Trade Show iOT" application. By doing so, they empower Chinese companies to gain greater visibility and exposure to a wider audience. This inclusive approach not only benefits the exhibiting companies but also contributes to the overall growth and development of the Chinese business ecosystem.


DEIL-Loft Commerce's participation in the 28th China Hardware Fair, invited by the esteemed EACHAM Group, showcased their commitment to driving innovation in the commerce industry. Through their mobile application, "Trade Show iOT," they aim to revolutionize the trade show experience by providing real-time information, enhanced networking opportunities, and comprehensive company listings. By listing all Chinese companies, DEIL-Loft Commerce is contributing to the growth and success of the Chinese business landscape. As they continue to attend exhibitions and expand their reach, their dedication to fostering business connections and technological advancements remains unwavering.

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